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How Much Money Can One Earn From NFTs?

March 22, 2022|

Izzy Pollak is one of the people who bought into the NFT trend earlier than others. Before the massive peak in price and popularity, Izzy bought two Bored Ape NFTs.  As the unique owner of those digital assets, Izzy has the commercial right to do [...]

Mr. Block Launches Their New NFT Collection

March 20, 2022|

The rapidly expanding crypto & blockchain technology company, Mr. Block, is set to launch its unique NFT collection. Mr. Block has recently redesigned their website for ECommerce, which contains many resources that allow people to educate themselves on how cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technology work. [...]

Unique Profit-Orientated NFT Hits The Markets

March 19, 2022|

BITONE Foundation is an organization that is gaining traction in Southeast Asia. The company recently released a P2E game, climbed above 50 000 subscribers in just two months, and reached its 10th private sale. The ambitious plans of the BITONE Foundation don't seem to have [...]