Reality and the digital world are coming closer together with Perfect Corp’s innovative fashion platform, which will allow users to interact with NFTs.

To some skeptics, NFTs are just silly images, videos, and art pieces stamped with digital ownership over the blockchain, but Perfect Corp is just one of many examples that proves them wrong.

NFTs are much more sophisticated than many imagine, and the company shows that by creating an augmented reality where customers can try unique non-fungible tokens. The digital assets include multiple fashion and beauty categories such as glasses, jewelry, makeup, swatches, nail art, etc. 

Perfect Corp has pledged to make the fashion experience for customers much more accessible and convenient by allowing people to have highly personalized and immersive experiences using NFT technology. 

Alice Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp, says that “As the retail world embraces the Metaverse, AR technology will be essential to create personalized and immersive experiences,”

She continues by saying, “Perfect Corp.’s new NFT business solutions will allow brands to enter the NFT space while enhancing their customer experience with AR virtual try-on technology. Moreover, it will present beauty and fashion brands with new revenue stream opportunities while providing customers with an interactive and personalized element that has not been possible in the NFT space until now.”

This new technology should serve especially valuable since many economies worldwide are currently recovering from the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, and consumer demand for products is rising. The demand is increasing significantly for NFTs and metaverse products, which many people are justifiably very excited about.

Perfect Corp is uniquely positioned to deliver this experience as it is one of the most popular fashion and beauty brands and has one of the most extensive libraries of beauty and fashion assets. 

Perfect Corp isn’t just testing out the new technology but fully plunging into the world of NFTs. They have also launched an AR-enhanced non-fungible token collection with many unique accessories, and makeup looks that people can purchase and interact with. The collection itself can be viewed and purchased on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.