Kreatr will be the first physical NFT marketplace to allow creators to breach the gap between their physical pieces of art and the digital world. 

According to the company, “Kreatr is on a mission to become the NFT marketplace for artists and collectors who want to sell and buy physical editions of NFTs or certify existing physical artwork as an NFT on the blockchain.”

The Kreatr marketplace will be powered by AI and use sophisticated algorithms to deliver the best possible customer experience. According to the company, they seek to address the problem of new artists and galleries who struggle to break into the industry. 

Kreatr has pledged to help artists and galleries turn their photography and art pieces into physical and digital limited edition NFTs. The marketplace will operate on the Flow blockchain and offer users numerous benefits.

First, Kreatr focuses on versatility by offering format options – gas fees, no gas fees, and an exciting reward system. Second, fans will be able to organize art into collections, and in the process, they get to collect coins, badges, and signs of progress the more they engage with the community. 

Finally, Kreatr is mindful that there are many ways in which people are currently suffering and in need of help, so they allow users to donate a part of their sales to a non-profit of their choice. 

The upcoming event “The Kreatr Sky Gallery” will be an open-air rooftop venue where SXSW members can learn about the Kreatr initiative and buy the famed physical non-fungible tokens. 

The event will consist of a show where some of the most notorious Photography and Street Art names are on display, such as Rime, Steel, Saber, and Estevan Oriol. The event will also have NFTs from artists such as Dave McClinton, Daniel Russo, John Waguespack, and Mike Miller and an opportunity to meet the artists behind each of the pieces. 

Dax, an artist, participating in the Kreatr platform, says, “When I found out about NFTs, I was excited about the possibilities and instantly thought about other spaces I had entered early in the game such as the freight train graffiti movement, and how the movement grew in importance over the decades, hence the new Rolling Like Thunder documentary on Showtime,”

“With that frame of mind, I took an interest in NFTs at the beginning. As the utility of NFTs grows, I cannot help but think of them in their Pong, Commodore 64, Atari-like infancy stage and what NFTs will be as they reach virtuality. The possibilities of the space are endless, and I can’t wait to see more of those in our art community in the metaverse and the future!” Continues Dax.