KarineDAO, the decentralized organization based in Singapore, will launch 1515 unique non-fungible tokens under the name “Karine NFT.” Each non-fungible token will come with exclusive benefits for the owner of the digital token.

NFTs have seen a massive rise since their launch in the mainstream during 2021. Data from Fortunly suggests that 1.538 million NFT were sold in just a single month in 2021, and the total volume is a whopping 11 million of art sales for the year. 

Not only is the volume high, but the prices NFT manage to fetch keep on rising. Take the case of “The Merge,” a Pak piece that sold for an astounding $91.8 million. 

Despite the massive popularity and lucrative opportunities for artists and investors, NFTs are not always a place that supports and empowers women. According to recent research, only 16% of artists on the market were women, and the amount of sales that female artists receive is an even lower percentage.

KarineDAO, along with many other emerging NFT-based organizations, has set a mission to change the landscape of NFTs by offering entrepreneurial opportunities to women. The purpose of KarineDAO is not only to provide incentives and guidance for women to venture into the world of crypto and NFTs but to empower them. 

KarineDAO’s primary goals are to get more women into the industry, so the total percentage isn’t skewed against them. Furthermore, they want to create a sense of community where women feel represented and share their experiences with others.

Finally, KarineDAO has pledged to give incentives and financial opportunities to get the businesses of women going through a network of shared resources. All of this is centered around tackling structural problems that remove options from women and discourage them from trying to begin with. 

One example of the benefits that people will receive by engaging with the Karine NFT collection is leveraging Karine’s businesses. If they own an NFT from the collection, they are eligible to take advantage of partnerships and collaborate with local and global brands connected to the Karine network. 

The KarineDAO seems more than competent to tackle this complex task. The group was created by Karine Cheong, winner of Asia Successful Achiever. She has over a decade of experience in the health and beauty industry and a stunning record of producing successful businesses in the insanely competitive Southeast Asia market.