Hero Infinity, the blockchain company, launches its own mobile game, including NFT transactions. 

The gaming industry has seen a massive rise in popularity in the past two decades. Not only has the stigma against gaming been reduced with many influencers and celebrities bringing it into the mainstream, but activities and sports, such as e-sports, have become massive commercial successes.

The mobile game market is also huge and very competitive because the better mobile devices become, the more convenient and better gamers’ experience is when they indulge in mobile games. 

Hero Infinity is one of the first NFT games that will take the ambitious task of creating a multiplayer game in the metaverse with elements related to non-fungible tokens.

The company has launched its website, which will contain information about the game and its operations, and they have also started building the digital infrastructure needed for the project. The unique HRI token has been launched to support NFT transactions. 

The site will contain helpful information on how the HRI token and the NFT network function, it will also be a way for people to get excited about the game by learning more about the characters and the story of Hero Infinity. This should be especially useful for people who have not been following the hype around the game and are not familiar with how non-fungible tokens work. 

The game’s launch will be supported by other public campaigns related to the NFT Network that Hero Infinity is trying to establish. An NFT collection of 1,097 is set o launch, including a unique portrayal of each hero in between every possible level from one to thirty. According to the company, the bidding for the collection is meant to symbolize the competitive spirit of the game. 

Hero Infinity is set to be a game where players from all corners of the world come together to fight in various landscapes and locations by using the heroes they like and equipment that they can enhance and improve as they level up. Players will receive the opportunity to win huge prizes in tournaments against one another. Every economic activity will be related to the HRI tokens.