The rapidly expanding crypto & blockchain technology company, Mr. Block, is set to launch its unique NFT collection.

Mr. Block has recently redesigned their website for ECommerce, which contains many resources that allow people to educate themselves on how cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technology work. The site also contains many blockchain-themed merchandises that appeal to the taste of crypto enthusiasts.

The NFT collection called The Blocks will also come with a community whitelist. Whitelists have been a traditional practice in many emerging NFT communities to motivate people towards consistent participation in the community and reward those who invest the most time and effort to see the community grow. 

If you want more information about Mr. Block’s blockchain-related plans, you can visit their Discord, where detailed announcements were given on the upcoming project. Aside from The Blocks NFT collection, Mr. Block will also have a Build-a-Block NFT collection and Block Knowledge Hub App, among many other exciting projects for the future. 

Ernesto Daset, the CEO of Mr. Block, says, “I’m truly excited about our project because as a community-driven organization, this streamlines collaboration with our thriving community,”

“The fact is we have so many amazing announcements coming down the pipeline, and this whitelist is the best way to reward our community while keeping them informed on our journey together.”

Commenting specifically about the whitelist, Ernesto Daset mentions that “There is so much going on right now with Mr. Block, so the whitelist is crucial to staying connected to our community.” 

He continues, “People on the whitelist will be the first to hear about exclusive NFT projects and so much more.”

The whitelist will give early information about future projects to those that are part of the community and allow them to interact with other members of the community and business partners. 

Each project that Mr. Block has initiated so far is part of a grand scheme where they seek to create a network of resources and opportunities for people, no matter if new or informed, about blockchain technology to educate themselves and deepen their knowledge.