BITONE Foundation is an organization that is gaining traction in Southeast Asia. The company recently released a P2E game, climbed above 50 000 subscribers in just two months, and reached its 10th private sale.

The ambitious plans of the BITONE Foundation don’t seem to have an end as they are set to launch a one-of-a-kind profitable NFT. This unique non-fungible token will differ from any other non-fungible token from which you can earn money only if the value increases and you sell it at a profit. 

According to the company, the BITONE NFT will not only give you exclusive ownership over the asset, but it also comes with other tangible benefits and functions, some of which are connected to the MetaVegas platform, which is set to launch soon. 

The benefits are primarily connected to the expanding BITONE Foundation network, which seeks to create deep financial and entrepreneurial connections between holders of assets related to their brand.

The BITONE NFT, in particular, will give access to the exclusive X3 interest mining pool, the BIO token, which will be paid with every burn, and between 100 to 1,000 of BIO, which can be used on global exchange platforms. 

The benefits are also connected to the MetaVegas platform, allowing you to receive a unique NFT Avatar and the opportunity to pre-purchase tickets for events and have exclusive access to airdrops. 

The way BITONE NFTs are designed is quite interesting. They are based on the 2DIVS Distributed Data Integrity Verification System pivoted by the BITONE Foundation. 

The NFTs will be four types and acquired through a lottery at $500. Based on the mounted BIO, the NFT drawn in the lottery can generate multiple times the profit. 

The more you invest, the more lucrative the opportunities become since having more than 20 NFTs means you can receive a dividend of N/1 every time a burn of a BIO happens. 

Currently, this new NFT is limited in quantity, only 10 000 will be minted and available to be purchased in BITONE’s platforms and other global marketplaces such as OpenSea.