Exciting is building for the USA’s Football League, and while riding the way of enthusiasm, USFL is set to launch their own NFT marketplace. 

USFL has entered a strategic partnership with FOX Entertainment’s Blockchain Creative Labs to launch a marketplace that caters to fans’ needs. The innovative market will display digital collectibles and allow minting and selling non-fungible tokens of everything related to the USFL – the league, teams, players, and even coaches. 

The campaign will allow players and coaches to work closely with Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs to personalize the digital tokens created. Details are still a bit hazy, but so far, the USFL has pledged that in the upcoming weeks revenue from the NFT collections that get sold will trickle down to the players using smart contracts. 

Smart contracts are algorithm-based contracts on the blockchain which allow for financial transactions to happen instantly once certain conditions are met, with the conditions being customized based on the wishes of both parties. 

Through smart contracts, players and coaches will instantly receive the funds they deserve with no delay directly into their digital wallets. 

The USFL will be the pioneer in using web3 mechanisms in their operations which has many crypto and NFT enthusiasts excited since it means that blockchain technology is solidifying its presence into the mainstream. 

Edward Hartman, USFL Executive Vice President of Business Operations, says that “We’re building a cutting-edge marketplace for digital collectibles that will create a world-class experience for USFL fans, players, and coaches,” 

“We’re proud to empower our players and coaches by offering them sales revenues for designated NFTs. Beyond the obvious financial benefit, USFL on-field talent will also be able to directly connect with fans like never before, allowing them to build and nurture long-term value for themselves that extends beyond the football field.”

Melody Hildebrandt, the BCL President and Chief Information Security Officer for Fox, says that “By partnering with BCL to give USFL players and coaches the technical infrastructure and creative resources to build and own their digital brand authentically, the USFL is recognizing the power that blockchain provides to connect with fans in an innovative way,”

She continues by saying, “BCL will provide concierge services that will assist USFL players and coaches to create special NFTs, build a token economy around their professional brand, and manage their community on the instant messaging platform Discord.”