Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been a massive success for Ubisoft, and the company has decided to award the development team’s efforts with an exclusive NFT. 

Тhe non-fungible token called ‘Ghost Recon 20th-anniversary cap!’ is a sign of appreciation for the people who have made many personal sacrifices and have tirelessly worked for countless hours to perfect the game. 

This unique NFT will be part of Quartz, Ubisoft’s NFT platform created for big-budget games. According to the project, each item in the game will have a unique code attached to it. Those digital items can then be sold and traded with other players. The same platform will be used to gift NFTs to Ubisoft staff. 

NFTs have taken the world by a storm and have proven themselves one of the most influential digital trends of 2021. Some critics are concerned about the carbon footprint that NFTs have or their highly speculative nature that allows some to win but just as many to lose their finances. 

Nicolar Pouard, VP at Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab, claims that Ubisoft sees the “end game” of the NFT trend, which goes beyond short-term concerns. According to him, “The end game is about allowing players to resell their items once they’re finished with them, or they’re finished playing the game itself.”

Ubisoft is one of the first gaming companies to take the plunge towards this “paradigm shift in gaming” while claiming they envision how the gaming world will be changed forever, which is an alternative world that many can not see clearly in the present. 

According to Ubisoft, the strength of NFTs comes in the way it gives more freedom to players. NFTs allow players to express their personality by purchasing digital items with unique codes that belong to them. They also provide each player the convenience of trading away those items or selling them if their plans in the game or life change. 

This new mechanism will give gamers more freedom in the digital world and alleviate much of the concerns that they have about investing money in a game, especially ones in which they are not sure how far into the future they will play.