Hoskinsea, the non-fungible token marketplace, has promised to implement a “zero minting” feature that will open the gates for users to create NFTs with zero costs.

With every new emerging market comes a massive amount of competition. New NFT collections are appearing every single day, and so the pressure on artists and companies that seek to produce those unique sets of non-fungible tokens is rising to deliver a high-quality product.

With many recent scandals of half-finished and low quality collected that have been considered “almost a scam,” Pixelmon, for example, we see a high expectation to deliver and satisfy the customers.

In recent weeks it’s not only companies and artists that fiercely face against one another but also NFT marketplaces. OpenSea is the behemoth in the industry, the marketplace which reported a staggering $4 billion in profit just in January. Yet the platform has been facing many problems.

Many crypto enthusiasts are dissatisfied by the massive amount of wash trading, scams, and copyright infringements on the platform. Others have been dissatisfied with the high gas fees, which are a considerable barrier to entry for many artists and investors. 

The high gas fees have pushed many investors and artists to an alternative platform, such as Solana, but Hoskinsea may be able to fill the gap in the market even better by offering a zero minting policy.

Hoskinsea is beginning to prove itself as a very community-centered marketplace. It’s not only a zero minting policy that will remove the financial restriction and enhance artistic freedom that many are noticing. They have also made promises to make the platform more environmentally friendly and reduce as much as possible their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the platform organizes itself through democratic structures like the Hosinsea Council, where token-based voting allows the community to express their voices and participate in decision-making. 

Hoskinsea not only allows people to engage with the community, but it wishes to maximize the efficiency and convenience offered through Sovereign Smart Contract, where multiple contracts can be signed depending on the type of transactions you want to deal with. This allows artists the freedom to create custom NFT contracts for minting.

To many crypto enthusiasts, Hoskinsea is not only making the utopian vision of decentralization true but also is taking active steps to create a community where each person has a right to be represented and to receive fair treatment.