When you think of non-fungible tokens, you imagine captivating or sometimes silly art pieces sold in digital marketplaces. NFTs also come with other benefits, such as exclusive access to communities and events. 

Even then, those private Discord servers or enticing Zoom-held events are interesting and engaging for you to be part of a community but rarely does owning an NFT lead to communication and interaction with other members in real life.

The PunkWhales Club is about to change that. They are currently preparing the world’s first private club themed around NFTs in Hong Kong. 

To get access to the club, the Clubhouse, and other attractive facilities, you will have to buy one of the two membership NFTs currently minted: PunkWhales Club BLACK Membership NFT or the PunkWhalesClub Blue Membership NFT. 

The PunkWhales Club seeks to create a sense of exclusivity through one of a kind members-only community which will have a clubhouse with an omakase restaurant, cigar lounge, cocktail lounge, and private meeting rooms. The last feature will be available only for people with the PunkWhales Club BLACK member’s non-fungible token.

You don’t have a limit on the visits, nor are you forbidden from bringing in guests to the NFT community. The location is yet to be decided, but the PunkWhales Club is following the precedent by other NFT projects where they wish to empower the community with voting rights. In this case, the community has a voice on where the place will be. 

The PunkWhales Club Black members will have access to the 24/7 private meeting rooms and four times more governance rights over the community than the Blue members. 

The whole system seeks to maximize the engagement of community members and make it as convenient for them as possible. They can lease their private club non-fungible token “member card” on Punkwhale Club’s site or secondary markets like OpenSea. They are also free from annual fees, setting the project apart from many others. 

The non-fungible tokens will begin selling at 2.4 ETH, but many people expect the prices to rise due to the attractiveness of this unique opportunity. NFTs are not only valuable due to the ability to collect them but because they allow you to increase your social status, and the PunkWhales Club is just one of many NFT projects utilizing that.