Ameer Hussain is a Youtuber rising in popularity on the competitive social media platform by spreading knowledge and positivity about NFTs.

NFTs have seen a massive rise since 2021, with revenue rising in the billions and many collections, The Bored Ape Club and CryptoPunks, becoming part of mainstream culture. 

Non-fungible tokens are an impressive innovation that shows us the power of technology to make our lives easy and enjoyable, but no matter how amazing the technology is, that doesn’t automatically mean it is recognized.

There is always a human factor, including in the rise of new technology. One can not deny the credit and respect that many artists and NFT content creators deserve for their relentless work and creative output that has inspired others, created success stories, and boosted industries’ revenues. 

The NFT world and Web3, in general, have risen because of the passion and hard work of some individuals and the community as a whole, but they have also allowed many to discover their purpose and to dedicate their life to something they care about productively. 

Ameer Hussain is one of the brightest examples of this trend. He is the genius behind Dark Echelon, a one-of-a-kind NFT community of around 520 items. Ownership of a non-fungible token from the collection gives you proof of digital ownership and access to the City Of The Dark.

The City Of The Dark is a customized and personalized world for the community of Dark Echelon where they can take advantage of launchpads, custom tools, and chats to engage with the community. 

The unique community also offers early access to upcoming NFT collections and calls, has custom NFT bots you can interact with, and offers discounts on items related to the community.

Ameer Hussain is the mind behind this brilliant community and a pioneer for blockchain technology and NFTs in particular. His channel is dedicated to engaging audiences by informing them of all the wonders that non-fungible tokens can offer and their practical applications in the real world.