Disney is the next giant company interested in plunging down the NFT world. 

Disney was founded in 1928 and since then has continuously reinvented itself to remain relevant in the industry. The entertainment giant, worth more than $93 Billion, seems ready to jump on the new trend that the internet is crazy about.

Disney has launched a massive advertisement effort to make the most out of this campaign. They are looking for the brightest talents for the open “business development” management position.

According to Disney’s requirements, the person will “help lead Disney’s efforts in the NFT space, including monitoring the evolving marketplace, setting category strategy, and managing key partners.” According to Disney, the position isn’t just another business job but a unique opportunity that requires knowledge of and passion for Digital and NFT categories.”

The person who beats the competition and receives the job will have the exciting opportunity to work in Disney’s Glendale, their California office. 

Disney isn’t the first, nor will it be the last company to express an interest in the NFT marketplace. Gaming giants such as Ubisoft and GameStop have taken active steps to launch their NFT marketplaces and unique collections. Game Stop, in particular, has promised to partner with the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Immutable X (IMX) to create a marketplace for non-fungible tokens jointly. 

The NFT craze doesn’t end with companies already involved with digital assets. Nike requested a trademark application in October for downloadable virtual goods, and Adidas has expressed an interest in exploring the metaverse and NFTs. Even companies like Walmart have expressed an interest in offering “buyers and sellers of downloadable digital goods authenticated by non-fungible tokens.”