NFTs have been connected to everything, from the real estate market to quirky memes across the internet, but nobody thought they would be based on DNA one day. 

Diverse is a one-of-a-kind project that aspires to connect the DNA of real people into unique artwork. The collection is launched by 3DforScience, which specializes in taking complex scientific concepts and making them fun and accessible to large audiences by using аppealing visuals. 

The project will involve 200 “Cryptoproteins” and 3,000 “Dnapasses,” which are based on the essential cells containing all the information needed to grow and reproduce. 

Recently some NFT collections became notorious for their low-quality projects that appeared unfinished and rushed at launch. The DNAverse has pledged top quality by hiring a team of professional 3D artists and scientists to prove skeptics wrong. 

The aim is for each NFT to be handcrafted and have its style and be 100% scientifically accurate. Every non-fungible token will be a genetic case study of a person through an artistic lens. 

“Our mission is to replicate life and open a new way for humanity to thrive in the Metaverse,” says the Art Director, David Torrico. He follows up with, “This is just a disruptive first step in our roadmap. diverse aims to preserve the essence of life and connect our souls to virtual worlds by blending both worlds organically and artistically.”

The collection is much more than just an artistic display. According to the company, this set of NFTs is a way to connect digital avatars with the genetics of specific people. This is the first step towards a safe and anonymous digital verification in the Metaverse. 

According to the company, the DNAverse collection has an exclusive benefit for owners, one of which is to have genetic information codified into the blockchain. 

The CEO of 3DforScience and DNAverse, claims that “This is a historic milestone that enhances future digital relationships, which is precisely what makes DNAVERSE disruptive, meaningful and scalable. In the near future, we all will be surfing web 3.0. Our vision is to humanize the Metaverses with verified-as-humans profiles that will carry our genetic personalization, distinguishing us so from AI bots”