Snoop Dogg is one of the most beloved celebrities in the world. Most know him as a music producer and rapper but don’t suspect Snoop is a massively successful entrepreneur. 

Snoop’s Past Success

Snoop is either gifted with an intuition for lucrative financial opportunities or has the best investment advisors by his side because the celebrity never seems to miss the mark. 

For example, back when Instagram was starting up in 2013, Snoop released “Snoopify,” which allowed users to edit their photos by using fun stickers inspired by him. 

According to Snoop, “Now that everyone is heavy on social media sharing photos, I wanted to create an app that would allow my fans to add fun visuals to their photos and Snoopify themselves.”

Snoop wasn’t wrong, and the app because a massive hit, with many trying it because it was promoted by their favorite celebrity or just because it was enjoyable to try. 

Another example is Snoop’s joint $50 million investment in Reddit while still relatively new. Currently, Reddit has a value of $500 and is a massive platform where people can discuss everything from politics to exercising or just sharing cute animal pictures. Reddit is also the domain of enormous stock market, crypto, and NFTs “subreddits.”

Snoop’s NFT Ventures 

Snoop began his experimentation with NFTs in April when “Death Row,” a unique digital artwork, sold for over $100 000 in the “Journey of the Dogg” auction.

The rapper doesn’t seem just to be riding the wave of popularity that NFTs are receiving but appears to be a rather dedicated investor in NFTs. In September, Snoop revealed that he’s the mysterious art collector Cozomo de’ Medici, whose massive digital collection had a worth of more than $17 million. 

If that wasn’t enough, Snoop then partnered with The Sandbox, the metaverse gaming platform, to give buyers “all of the Snoopverse experiences before anyone else” through exclusive access to his world in the metaverse.

Around 5,000 early passes were created, each approximately $1685 and about $1.7 million generated. Snoop Dogg is a collector, but he doesn’t seem shy to sell when necessary, as seen by the massive $44 million sales of “Stash Box” NFTs for his new album. 

Snoop’s latest NFT project may be the most ambitious of them all. “The Doggies” is a collection of 10 000 Snoop Dogg NFTs, which will allow their owners to “hang out with friends, and explore the metaverse like a boss” by giving them access to exclusive events and concerts in the virtual world. 

Currently, the price of each “Doggie” is around $460.50, but considering the hype around the project, many expect the prices to spiral upwards in the upcoming days. Even if they don’t just sell those 10 000 NFTs would bring nearly $4.6 million in revenue.