Sneaker Heads is a non-fungible token collection consisting of precisely 8,888 NFTs. Each is meticulously crafted by experts in design and development who have previous experience in delivering innovative and unique products. 

The move to have Sneaker Heads be in the digital realm may surprise fashion fans, but it makes practical sense. Many companies consider dipping into blockchain technologies not only because of the hype around them but because it’s decentralized.

A decentralized online network means they have a resilient database for every transaction, which is protected by multiple “nodes,” The cryptographic technology in places ensures maximum protection for users and a shield against potential attempts for manipulation and scams. 

What’s fascinating about Sneaker Head is how it brings the world of fashion and NFTs together for an exciting project that makes it stand out compared to other projects currently being launched.

The collection creators have made public statements in which they promise that the collection is of the highest quality, with each NFT being diligently crafted as though it was a product made by hand in real life. 

Each NFT from the Sneaker Heads collection is famed to have taken “more than two months” to experiment with the design until the best one is reached and to ensure each one is distinct from the others and has all the right textures and details that complement the rest of the look. 

Sneaker Heads are set to launch the platform on their site, with each of the 8,888 NFTs directly available for minting. To avoid confusion, the company has given direct instructions in their Discord channels and social media accounts which users can follow.

The artwork is yet to be revealed, but once it is, users will know which character with their unique ethnicity and clothing style they have managed to mint. 

Sneaker Heads’ plans don’t just end with the launch of the collection, and they have hinted towards the implementation of the project n Decentraland and Sandbox. Furthermore, they have shown that the fashion experience they offer will become even more immersive, with digital shows seeking to provide users with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Many crypto enthusiasts have given massive praise to the company for its thorough and professional approach, citing that this is a clear contrast to many NFT collections that only seem to “ride the hype” around NFTs and end up launching half-finished and uninspired projects that are mere “cash grabs.”