In recent years the gaming world has shifted from the dominance of MMORPG, Mobas, and Fist-Person Shooters to a higher presence of Indie Games where the players can take a break from the constant competition and immerse themselves in a beautiful storyline.

One of the giants in the indie game industry is RedDeer.Games, who have published the massively successful Gem Wizard Tactics, Cyber Protocol, and Sword and Bones. It’s one of many gaming companies that has recently announced their involvement with NFTs. 

The company seems to be going all-in by investing in a whole NFT department, which will be led by their game industry marketing expert BartĹ‚omiej Kossakowsk. The project will involve an “expert in intellectual property law, previously associated with companies such as The Walt Disney Company and Eurosport.”

Furthermore, RedDeer.Games have announced that they will actively recruit qualified staff with both experience and passion for NFTs. The company has also signed an agreement for co-operation with another company with a niche in “blockchain, NFT, and DeFi (decentralized finance).”

Both parties have “expressed their will to cooperate on the use of NFT for games published by RedDeer.Games in the play-to-earn model.”

A comment by Michał M. Lisiecki, CEO and co-founder of RedDeer.Games paint clear the intentions of the company:

“The trend of producing games based on blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens is more and more common. At RedDeer.Games, the process of implementing NFT will start with simple forms such as trading on the OpenSea platform to more advanced ones, such as the play-to-earn model, which allows players to earn. The next step will be to create an ecosystem that will allow users to make greater use of DeFi’s capabilities and enjoy the transformation to web 3.0. It will all take some time, but ‘the future is now,’ and the NFT is a part of it.”

RedDeer.Games will seek to obtain the finances for this massive investment. The company is likely to launch a campaign searching for additional backing by private investments.