AssangeDAO has just won the auction for Pak’s unique Clock NFT. The bid was worth 16,593 ETH and served as part of Pak and Julian Assange’s strategic collaboration to use the revenue to pay for Assange’s legal fees. 

Julian Assange has been charged with the breach of the 1917 Espionage act by the U.S. government. Assange successfully leaked data from the U.S. Army Intelligence through WikiLeaks based on the data coming from the whistleblower Chelsea Manning. 

Assange has been fighting for his life on the run for almost a decade after going against the U.S. government. Currently, Julian Assange is taking his case to the Supreme Court of the U.K. in a desperate bid to seek protection from the country and avoid extradition to the U.S.

The United States government has been launching a rather aggressive campaign against Assange, both in the form of denouncing his actions and using their political and international capital to pressure the U.K. and other countries to assist them in getting Assange prosecuted on their soil. 

If Assange is prosecuted in the U.S., he could face 175 years in prison.

Many crypto enthusiasts are massive fans of Assange because of his bravery against the system. Furthermore, WikiLeaks played a major role in connecting BitCoin to the digital Silk Road, which allowed the trading of illegal drugs with bitcoin. 

The role of the Silk Road when it comes to empowering the crypto movement has been very controversial. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped decentralized autonomous organizations from sending funds in a bid to free Silk Road’s founder, Ross Ulbricht, who’s serving a double-life plus 40 years sentence.

The financial assistance came when the organization, named FreeRossDAO, paid more than $6 million for Ross’ NFT collection to give him the necessary funds to defend himself against the system. 

The AssangeDAO has been in touch with Assange’s family to coordinate plans to help Assange. The AssangeDAO’s bid of 16,593 ETH comes with a promise of 1 million “Justice” tokens for every ETH that has been given for the cause. Using the “Justice” tokens, holders will be able to vote democratically on what happens to Pak’s NFT. 

According to data from Juicebox, a crowdfunding platform, AssangeDAO has around 17,422 ETH remaining. The decentralized autonomous organization has continuously made public statements with a passionate promise to keep finding ways to assist Assange.

The help will come both in funding his legal fees while Assange is seeking justice in court and also for a launch of massive social media and public campaigns to raise awareness and support for Assange’s case with the hope that the public if convinced, can apply pressure to the U.K. and U.S. government.