The famous La Galeria, a digital art gallery with pieces from artists across the world, has just launched its unique NFT collection.

NFTs exploded in popularity in 2021 and challenged the hegemony of traditional art institutions. Through NFT marketplaces, people could easily express themselves by creating unique collections that people could purchase and interact with. On the other hand, consumers found satisfaction and many opportunities to find a sense of identity and community through collecting NFTs. 

The unique communities are not the only contribution that NFTs have had on the art world, as their popularity keeps rising and the pressure to adapt increases, many traditional art institutions have embraced aspects of the new trend while galleries offering digital art have skyrocketed in popularity. 

One of the reasons for NFTs leaping into the mainstream may also explain the rise of digital art. The pandemic meant that many traditional ways of interacting with art, through galleries and museums in real life, were unavailable, making many people seek alternatives. 

Furthermore, as technology and accessibility improved, many realized just how convenient it is to interact with art digitally. Not only is it accessible, but the better the technology becomes, the more immersive the experience becomes, which brings it closer to what you would have experienced in real life. 

La Galerie Des NFT

La Galerie is a one-of-a-kind digital art gallery based on how it gathers a massive amount of artwork from artists across the world, which serves to portray the vastly different lifestyles and experiences they have had.

Not only that, but the structure around which it will function is vastly different from other NFT collections. According to the La Galerie Des NFT, the purpose of the project is to establish a strong connection between the public and the artists. In the spirit of this promise, the team has pledged that only collections that benefit the holders will display.

In many traditional art institutions, approval for which collections and pieces are displayed often comes from those on top of the established. This top-down structure means that there is often no room for more abstract expression and representation of different styles. Furthermore, many critics claim that it creates an environment of potential nepotism and corruption which gates away opportunities from young artists. 

La Galerie Des seeks to change that by relying on new collections approved by previous collections’ communities. This way, you can create a large amount of discourse around which collections deserve to be displayed and what standards should be met which are supported by the majority of the art community. 

The first collection displayed is the extravagant “La Bel Anus.” The advertisement for the collection claims that it is a visually and sensually pleasing experience that can take people into a “whole new world” of pleasure. 

The collection consists of 2000+1 unique non-fungible tokens that represent the genitals of the 2000 most famous sex workers. The one additional NFT is labeled the “masterpiece,” Once it is sold, NFT holders will receive part of the revenue, and the NFTs they hold are also expected to rise in value. 

To some, sex work is a controversial profession, but to many who support the upcoming collection, regardless of your opinion, it has a lot of artistic merits as it allows us a glimpse of the life of people who have vastly different experiences compared to us. 

La Galerie Des NFT’s Unique Benefits 

What is very often unique about NFTs is the many benefits that come with them that aren’t necessarily related to the product you have purchased.

In this particular instance, people who hold a La Galerie Des non-fungible token will have the exclusive opportunity to join parties and social gatherings organized by the company. 

There are muses NFTs that those that acquire them will receive a white-list pass for future collections and an opportunity to participate in private events. They will also receive a one-year OnlyFans subscription if they get a hold of one of the muses. 

Even if you don’t necessarily win anything or participate by competing for the chance to acquire one of the NFTs, the Discord serve is full of activity. The company advertises it as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to talk with adult entertainers, share pictures and engage with the community. 

Depending on the revenue that the La Bel Anus sales generate and what kind of an NFT you get a hold on, there are a lot of additional sources of income and benefits you can receive. 


NFTs are all about democratizing and decentralizing art in a way that is accessible to people and allows them to express themselves and be represented in those communities.

La Galerie Des NFT is a historical opportunity that will set a precedent for future art institutions based on how they allow the community to define the rarity of pieces and which collections are worthy of being displayed.

Finally, La Galerie Des NFT is a shining example of a campaign where the percentage of the sales trickle down to the holders of the NFTs and the creators instead of seeking to maximize their profits and leaving the artists to starve.