Everybody seems to be hopping into the world of NFTs. If real estate agents and car companies are obsessed with NFTs, then it’s not surprising that sports teams are as well. 

Тhe Atlanta Hawks have teamed up with the Atlanta-based GigLabs to create the “Harry the Hawk” NFT collection. The collection will consist of 40 hand-drawn “Harry the Hawk” images. 

Each unique piece from this collection can be bought in the auction set to start on the 14th of March and continue until the 17th of March. 

According to the campaign around the NFT collection, acquiring a non-fungible token from the auction can result in additional rewards. There are four types of NFTs, each offering a different surprise in store for those that buy it.

Everybody will receive their unique piece of digital art, but the additional rewards will differ for each. Some NFTs will offer physical items such as signed jerseys, others will give gift cards to the Hawks Shop, located in the State Farm Arena, and some will be lucky enough to win exclusive experiences in person with the team. 

According to Steve Koonin, The CEO of Hawks, “We strive to continue enhancing the way we engage with our global fanbase.” He continues, “As we launch these one-of-a-kind NFTs, we are thrilled to provide fans with opportunities and experiences that are unique and have never before been possible.”

The move is just one of many campaigns the team has taken to engage with their fan base more closely. Sports are about bringing people together and creating a strong sense of community, which means sports teams almost always try to appeal and stay close to their fans. 

The team has teamed up with the famous GigLabs, which launched in 2017, and since then has been on a mission to improve the revenue streams of companies and enhance the customer experience and engagement. 

Jennifer Choi, director of Innovation at Hawks’, says that “It has been a pleasure to work with Atlanta-based GigLabs as we launch our first set of NFTs,” said Hawks. As we prepare for the inevitable penetration of blockchain, we are excited to start providing opportunities for the next generation of Atlantans to influence our long-term strategy.”