In the world of NFTs, everything is possible. After all, the quirky collection of Bored Apes, which features pixelated versions of colorful apes with deadpan expressions I one of the most popular collections.

If they have seen massive success, then it shouldn’t be surprising that literal rolls of toilet paper have also been launched into the mainstream. 

The project in question is called The Rainbow Rolls, which first started last autumn in Dallas when the founder Joshua Lapidus quipped about the world of NFTs becoming weirder by the day. If NFT collections were ridiculous and extravagant, they could create an even more eye-catching collection and use the funds for a good cause.

“Rainbow Rolls are more than just a fun collectible, they’re a badge to show you give a shit about making the world a better place,” says the statement on the site of Rainbow Rolls. 

The project’s end goal is minting a thousand NFTs, so far, 855 have been created, and the price they have received has been tripling since the middle of February. Some non-fungible tokens from the collection have reached as much as $525. 

According to data from Rainbow Rolls, around 16% of the raised funds have gone to Gitcoin, which would use them to finance Web3 community projects. Another 16% has gone towards Giveth, which finances social projects. Finally, 20% has gone to RIP Medical Debt which takes care of unpaid hospital bills. 

So far, the NFT project has managed to wipe out more than $7 million in medical debt, which is a massive success for the creators and justifiably publicly praised.

Medical debt has been a growing issue in many parts of the world, especially in the USA, notorious for its staggering medical expenses that many can not afford to pay off. The problem has only grown worse when many have lost the medical benefits they received from work during the pandemic, or they have lost their savings and revenue incomes, which made them unable to pay the bills. 

The campaign has been a massive success in redistributing funds towards those who need them more, but the group behind Rainbow Rolls doesn’t seem ready to stop just yet. They have already hinted towards plans of a second project which will collaborate with RIP Medical Debt again.