Benyamin Ahmed has probably made more money than most of us, and he’s only 12. The young crypto experts have gained a fortune of £750,000 thanks to NFTs, and his non-fungible tokens have traded for around £3 million in total. 

Benyamin’s Passion For NFTs

Benyamin Ahmed’s involvement with the digital world started when he was just five years old, teaching himself to code with help from his dad. 

Benyamin’s dad, Imran, would task him and his brother for daily coding challenges and tasks that honed his skills and sparked his curiosity. This served as the beginning of a passion going for years. 

The young crypto enthusiast released his collection of unique non-fungible tokens, and the fortunes began to roll once the bunch of colorful whales that sold in less than a day earned him  £110,000.

Due to his age, the schoolboy has no bank account, which means none of the money can be withdrawn. His fortune is locked away online in his crypto wallet. NFT marketplaces trade primarily with Ethereum, and it happens to be the currency in which his financial assets are stored.

Some skeptics of crypto claim that Ethereum, along with other cryptocurrencies, may soon become worthless. The case they make is that cryptocurrencies, and NFTs for that matter, are a short trend that everybody is hyped about but will quickly abandon.

Although cryptocurrencies have faced some fall in prices, this can be attributed to the current geopolitical tensions between Ukraine and Russia and the subsequent lack of investor confidence and decrease in investment. This means the problem is short-term external factors affecting the market and not the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies being questioned. 

Benyamin is passionate about coding and cryptocurrencies and firmly believes that they are the future of how currencies will function. According to the young crypto investor, who has even lectured at the University of Oxford on NFTs, crypto is the most efficient and convenient way in which currencies can function.

According to Benyamin, “I think with every industry, the digital versions of things always perform the best.” This makes sense because the digital version of anything means that it’s more convenient to use, more accessible in everyday life, and more accessible to more people since geographical constraints are removed. 

“With digital art, it has a lot more utility and certification – I can just hop online and see where anything came from,” says Benyamin. “Here, anyone can join the network – you can be a refugee, or a rich person sat in your mansion, and it doesn’t make a difference. Everyone has the same rights and permissions as anyone else.”

Even if NFTs and cryptocurrencies end up somehow being a gigantic sham, Benyamin has said that it doesn’t matter because he’s not in for the money. The schoolboy invests in crypto and crafts NFT collections to express himself and improve his skills.

To him, the money and the popularity are unexpected side rewards. According to Benyamin  “My friends at school know what I do, and they have congratulated me. Although I don’t think everyone understands it!”

He continues by saying, “But lots of people now know my story, and it makes me happy to see lots of people are learning about NFTs because of me. I want to continue to introduce lots of people into the NFT space.”

Benyamin is an excellent example of the accessibility that the NFT community has offered to people. Allowing artists and those who aspire to express themselves to be given the opportunity regardless of age or experience. 

The Weird Whales Collection Was A massive Success

Benyamin’s success is not entirely due to his tech-savviness, although that must have contributed a lot! The crypto enthusiast was clever enough to jump early into the trend with less competition. 

Nowadays, massive collections are rolled out almost every single week. They are made by experienced artists and companies using teams of professionals from the art industry and other competent people to ensure top-notch quality. 

Benyamin rolled his collection in July 2021. Called “Weird Whales,” the 3,350 colorful NFTs were priced at merely $60 initially. Gradually, the charming whales became a hit with the NFT community, and with the rise in demand, the spike in prices came.

At their peak, some of the NFTs would sell at $20 000. His Weird Whales collection has generated over $5 million in revenue, and the cash will continue to roll in since the schoolboy receives royalties every time they are resold. 

NFTs Are Much More Than A Way To Get Rich 

Even though Benyamin has generated around  £750k confirms it was never about аccording to his father. “For Benyamin, it was never really about the money, it was about gaining knowledge – but of course, the money is a bonus,” says Imran.

“He’s never actually cashed out any money, so there is a risk that it could go to zero – however, most analysts believe that not to be the case as it largely held in the blue-chip cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

The true reward for Benyamin was testing his skills and inspiring others. According to the schoolboy, becoming famous through the Weird Whales collection has been away for others to become interested in NFTs and crypto and to wish to learn more. 

The life of the young crypto enthusiast nowadays is centered around his passion. According to Benyamin, “As soon as I wake up, I go downstairs to check Twitter, Discord, and the latest NFT and crypto news.”

He continues by mentioning how “After school, I usually spend a couple of hours doing homework, I then get back on Twitter and Discord to connect with the Weird Whales and NFT community.”

Even though he’s dedicated to crypto and NFTs, they are far from the only passion the boy has. He also loves coding, maths, and many of the subjects in school. No matter how Benyamin chooses to spend his time, there is undoubtedly a bright future ahead of him.